2015 Digital Marketing Trend Predictions



A lot has changed in 2014, so what do we think will happen in the world of Digital Marketing in 2015? We got our team together and these were just some of our predictions, enjoy!

Content first

content first

Content is arguably one of the most crucial parts of marketing over all channels, in web development it’s often left till last. Marketing agencies are now seeing the importance of content first, and how it can improve the design of websites and the over all user journey.

Mobile first

mobile first

The age of the smartphone has been here for awhile now and it’s not going away, in fact year-on-year mobile traffic is increasing. It’s now important to create responsive websites to work on all displays from desktop to tablet to mobile. Now that mobile is slowly becoming the most used platform for surfing, it only makes sense to design for it first.

Parallax will become standard


Parallax websites are becoming very popular, they allow you to easier show all of your important content on one page with a lovely layout. We believe this will become a standard for web design this year, until the next big thing happens!

Instagram will become a top business tool

instagram logo

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools of the 21st century. Instagram is one of the latest social networks to become a main contender with over 300 million users. Instagram however, isn’t really being used by businesses much yet. We believe that is about to change, and Instagram is clearly embracing it!

Twitter and Facebook ads will become more relevant then Google ads

Twitter logo

Twitter Ads or promoted tweets blend in so well that they rarely even seem like Ads, this makes them more engaging. Facebook Ads are highly targeted and very engaging compared to Googles. This makes social network ads appealing to businesses, plus people spend a lot more solid screen time on social networks compared to search engines.

More forms of flat design will arise

polygonal design

Flat design has become the norm across so many websites in 2014. Now subforms of flat design are appearing, we think that design styles such as Material Design and Polygonal Design will become more mainstream.