Case Study – ClearTel Ltd Rebrand

OrbitCarrot led a complete end-to-end rebrand of ClearTel Ltd, a leading voice solutions company in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. With the website, data sheets & instruction manuals branding, digital played a huge role in contributing to the overall rebrand.


  •  To mature and modernise the business’ brand
  •  To act as a lead generator
  •  Improved website UX to help product discoverability
  •  Optimise for all types of device (mobile, tablet, desktop)

We started the re-branding journey by maturing the main branding colours by introducing two new darker colours, and replacing the 2 secondary brand colours with just one singular colour. These colours add a better left of dept and a nicer contrast with more practical uses.



The client wanted an evolutionary logo change, one which was instantly recognisable but with a fresh overhaul. Firstly replaced the town toned blue style with a singular blue from the colour pallet, we also removed the dated shadow effects. We then replaced the typography for a cleaner lighter modern font. Last but not least, we improved the non-textual logo by keeping each section in the same direction, this better represents sound waves – giving reference to the voice solutions they offer.

As the logo is a single tone of colour, this means we could easily create a white version of the logo, which can be displayed on the darker blues we introduced to the branding colour pallet.



Old Logo


New Logo


New Logo in White


The biggest issue with ClearTel’s previous website was the lack of good navigation, for example when clicking on a product there way no easy way to get back to previous product sections. UX was the top priority of the new website, with a nice drop down mega menu, product section sidebar, breadcrumb navigation and a homepage masonry product navigator, navigating products is a breeze. The new website is now responsive so is perfect for viewing with any device.




All other documents kept the same header as the website, with the white logo on the two new blues, all following pages are white with the blue logo, this follows the flow of the website (where when you scroll the heading becomes a white header with the blue logo). The header pattern is actually the non-textual part of the logo enlarged, this helps enforce the brand recognition of the site and all other materials.