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Google is the number one way both businesses and potential consumers look for your business and its products & services.

So naturally you want to be highly ranked in Google to drive customers to your website.

SEO is no longer as simple as creating a list of keywords, it’s a series of an ever growing techniques.

OrbitCarrot is based just in High Wycombe, so if you’re a business in or around High Wycombe or anywhere in Buckinghamshire we’d love to meet you to discuss how we can help.

SEO which is relevant to you.

At OrbitCarrot we work with you to search optimise your existing content, create new content with the right balance of being optimised for search engines and the best reading experience for your visitors. Alongside this we research your market to further improve how we can increase your rankings.

SEO involves a combination of techniques which include keyword & phrase analysis, focus keywords, website content, social engagement and building a high quality collection of relevant in-bound links to your website. Other aspects like having a responsive website (adaptive to screen size – ideal for the mobile web) can also make a difference!

SEO from experts not cowboys.

SEO has been given a bad reputation, as there have been many rouge people who claim to do SEO when they’re not. Other people give false promises such as “We’ll get you to number one on all of your rankings in a month”. No one can promise this as it’s just not possible.

What we can promise is that we will raise your google rank for all of your provided search terms, and keep raising you higher, which will help you generate more leads.

We are one of the leading SEO experts, and lets face it you likely found us because of our ranking on Google!

Get in touch.

Contacting us will be your first step to significantly improving your online presence, after this leave it to us to deal with the remaining steps!