Why January is a great time to start a business.

Before now people would say you shouldn’t start a business on a whim. You need to carefully sort out your finance, work out your marketing strategies in your business plan and the list goes on and on.
However the market has changed…

Tech makes it easy

As mentioned above years ago setting up a business was a far more difficult task, often leading in significant risks to get setup. Nowadays it’s much easier to setup business from home with little to no financial risk. There are so many opportunities online and it’s much easier to research ideas for your business and to find out what’s involve. With greater knowledge on how to setup a business results in increased confidence.


January is the top time for hiring, typically the best people are looking for a job, using the motto “New Year, New Job”. So get the best people while their on the market.

Getting finance is easy and not risky

Getting a bank loan is an almost impossible task nowadays, and self funding is a long and difficult task as well. Thankfully websites such as crowdfunding (such as Kickstarter) are here to help, and what’s even better you don’t have to pay the money back!

Shoppers are in the buying mood

Most shoppers are in the buying mood during the holiday season, especially when all the January sales are on, so this could give your business an advantage if your selling products. At the same time businesses are looking to improve themselves during this period, so this could be beneficial if you’re selling services too.

It’s a competitive time, this can be played to your advantage

Stores are very competitive during the holiday season, so this means that you can buy the equipment you need for your business at a reduced cost, reducing the start up cost dramatically, if you’re selling products you can likely get good discounts from your suppliers too.

With marketing agencies you don’t need to shell out the cost of having an in-house marketing team and still get results

Companies like OrbitCarrot can get a team behind your business needs, from getting your website up in the Google rankings with SEO, advertising your business on social media or even branding your business to attract the most customers. You can do this at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.