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At OrbitCarrot we believe that Social Media shouldn’t be an afterthought, but in fact a forethought in creating a successful brand,developing solid business strategies and increasing sales!

No longer can Social Media be a ‘nice to have’ marketing strategy, it’s now a necessity for a successful business.

Today’s online world has led to a dramatic shift in the way people interact with companies, and social networks are the key role in increasing your brand visibility and revenue.

Getting Results with Social Media.

Increasing your number of followers does not equal an increase in revenue until that follower becomes a customer. If you’ve tried to manage social media before, you will have noticed that converting a follower into a customer isn’t just a matter of sending out various tweets.

Fortunately, OrbitCarrot look at the more profitable angle of “number of engagements” as apposed to “likes and follows”. It’s only when your messages are being responded to that you can start to increase revenue through social media.

Our Social Media Services
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We offer various social media services, these are as follows:

  • Social Network Account Management
  • Social Media Consultancy
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Ad Management
  • Infographic Design (Optimised to display well on Social Networks)
  • Social Network Cover Design
  • Facebook Apps