It’s time to let go of your old outdated website


Your website is the only thing reflecting your brand when people find you online. It’s highly important that your website reflects your brand, and also increases your revenue. If it is not doing that then really evaluate your website to see if it’s doing more damage than good.

First you must ask yourself these 4 questions:

Does your website communicate how your brand stands out from your competitors?
Does your website even communicate your brand and products/services at all?
Does your website communicate the important information and guide the protected users through the buying process?
Are you keeping your website current?
If the answer is no (which it probably is if you’re on this article), chances are you have an outdated website, this blog post will guide you through all the important factors:

Flash Content

If you still have flash content in 2015 then you’re really behind the times, firstly flash elements are not recognised by Google (so bad for SEO), secondly they take ages too load and crash browsers more then anything else. Lastly most web traffic nowadays is coming from mobile devices, which can’t display Flash content! So don’t frustrate users with their first impression of your brand and ditch these old standards now!

Outdated Content

Your website doesn’t have a last updated message anywhere on it, so people deem your website as irreverent and outdated from it’s dated content. If your last blog post was a year ago then people will move onto your competitors, which seems more up-to-date. If your copyright says Copyright 1999 – 2004, then yet again it’s going to look like the site is abandoned. Just update it! It takes a couple of seconds (you can even use the PHP date function to automatically update the year to the current year). Try and blog a couple of times each week, even if it means you have to fire a blogger to assist you. It keeps you relevant but is also brilliant for SEO!

Autoplaying sound or video

Multi-media is a very important part of any website, but trust me – nothing but nothing is more annoying then autoplaying content, especially when it autoplays on every page load!
Put the content there, and let the prospected client choose if they want to play it or not. It is a proven fact that autoplaying content actually increases the exits for your website. So turn that “feature” off asap. If the content is important encourage the user to watch it, users will react better to something they have chosen to do anyway.

Generic Imagery

Stock imagery is so widely used nowadays, the chances are you will see the same images you use on your site on so many mores (maybe even your competitors). People want to connect with you and your brand not a load of models posing with laptops. No one is fooled by these stock images, hire a photographer (yes it costs money but it doesn’t cost a lot of money), or even get a DSLR and take the shots yourself. It’s better to be real then another “stock photo” user. How can anyone stand out if they’re all using the same content?


Make sure your website looks nice, ensure you’re using your brand colours consistently, make sure you’re using a consistent font and most importantly make sure it doesn’t look like it was made in 1997!

old apple website 1997
new apple website 2015

Not responsive, not relevant

As mentioned in our last blog post, responsive web design can improve SEO as apposed to having a separate site for mobile. Users want the full web designed for mobile, not a scaled down version of the site. Responsive web design is the best way to achieve the full web as it’s just one website which changes its layout depending on device. If you have a separate mobile site, or don’t even have a mobile site – then it’s time to consider getting a responsive website, to give all your customers the best experience.