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How to make your business stand out?

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Since the arrival of the internet it keeps getting easier to create a business. The internet offers services from unlimited information to crowdfunding – the internet in sort has you sorted when it comes to business. This is all great, except now there are so many more businesses. So how can you stand out from the forever increasing crowd? Below we will tell you the 3 points to make your business stand out from your competition.

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1. Work out whom your business is for

The first point is to work out who is your business and business offerings for? In sort who is your target market? If your answer is everyone, think again! You can never please everyone. Once you work out whom your business is for, you can fine-tune your content and your offerings to your market. You can even create focus groups, once you know whom to focus on. Better focus with your market segment, creates better user engagement which will later result in much better sales.

2. Make your business stand for some thing

You don’t sell t-shirts or coffee, you sell an experience. We like to us Apple as an example. Apple doesn’t sell itself as selling iPhones, iPads and Macs. It sells you an experience, and tools, which improve your life. Apple always markets what you can do with its product, it doesn’t however ever talk specs with the customer, and this is because they’re selling you the experience not the product itself. A great experience creates loyal customers, in successful cases fans can become so loyal that it actually creates a culture your business, in these cases fans actually market your business for you – and engagement becomes strong.

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