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OrbitCarrot takes part in #colour_collective

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So what is #colour_collective ?

#colour_collective is a new trend for creatives (mainly illustrators) where @PennyNevilleLee lists a colour each Sunday via Twitter, afterwards all the creative minds start to develop a new originative art piece (mainly illustrations) incorporating that colour. The piece most be finished by the following Friday at 7:30pm (GMT), where they are uploaded with the #colour_collective hashtag.

So what’s the point ?

The point is to help improve creativity and improve skill, however it’s also great way to see what everyone else comes up with. Arguably, the best thing about it is that it creates a community of designers which in turn creates inspiration for all.

Want to take part ?

Last weeks colour was Cadmium Yellow Pale, this week’s colour is Opera Rose – start designing now and publish your final work on Friday at 7:30pm GMT!

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