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7 Steps to Perfect Content Marketing

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If you want to get serious about social media marketing for your business, the focus is having great content to publish and promote. This is a complete reversal to traditional marketing, often called interruption marketing. Interruption marketing includes marketing techniques such as telemarketing and cold calling, this style of marketing pushes a message at you. Technology has moved on a lot since then, we can record TV and skip ads, block numbers and unsubscribe from emails.

The key behind content marketing, is that content is published on social networks including blogs, this attracts readers which follow the content you publish. Once you have a following, potential customers will engage, read and view and then buy, creating successful non invasive marketing.

The 7 steps to content marketing

1. Get your Focus Hat on

Work out who are you speaking to, then provide content that communicates with your customers base in a language they’ll understand.

2. Work out what you’re trying to achieve from your content

Work out what you’re trying to achieve, are you trying to capture user contact data, which you can work on to generate leads? Are you improve your search engines presence? Are you trying to engage users with highly entertaining marketing, adding humor to make your brand memorable?

What ever you’re trying to do make sure you’re designing your content for a reason. Don’t publish content for contents sake, make sure it’s assisting you in growing your business.

3. Solve Problems

Everyone has problems, your products or services may solve potential customers problems. Create content that shows people how to fix their problems in your industry.

4. Talk like a Human

People need to relate to your content, don’t use corporate speak – you may as well be a robot!

Being genuine is the new black, or even the new orange! and the new style of marketing is all about being real.

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