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Web design is a broad term which can be mistaken for only meaning if a website looks good or not. We believe it encompasses a great deal more. Website design includes structuring the sitemap – ensuring logical positioning of pages, the page layout – to make sure that important information is presented clearly, and content structure – to prevent content from being overcrowded, distracting from your key messages. All of which are equally as important as the final aesthetic stages of the design.

Target Audience

People first

A website is a tool which allows your users or clients to access information, get in touch with you and far more. When designing we are thinking of your clients, the people. This allows us to create a user experience which is crafted around your clients needs resulting in more leads and business.

Crafted for all

Design should not be all about designing for desktop and just bodging together a layout for other screen sizes. A desktop computer and a mobile phone are not the same, and how you interactive with them are completely different. We prefer to take time and think about how your users would want to navigate your site on each device and craft something beautiful but foremost functional for all platforms.

Responsive Web Design

Modern Design

Modern design

At OrbitCarrot we design for the future not the past, we’re always looking into the best new and innovative ways to get your clients engaging with your website. We’re not interested in taking the easy route, we want to take the best route, so you have a website you and your business can be proud of.

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