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Predictions for the web in the next few years.

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In this short blog post we’ll be giving a brief look into our predictions, of what we believe will happen with the web the next few years.

It’s interesting to watch the current trends of both desktop and mobile devices, on mobile devices all websites are being ported to applications, for example there is an app for eBay, Facebook, Amazon and hundreds others. On desktop however applications are being ported to websites, for example Apple iWork, Microsoft Office even software like Skype can now be used via, even companies like Adobe are slowly starting to move towards the web with websites like

In the past desktop computers were very much ‘app orientated’ although in those days apps were known as programs or applications, now the trend seems to be putting everything on the web – with fiber optic internet and super powerful WebKit browsers, why not! The advantages of web apps over normal apps are that you can use them anywhere without having to install anything, so you can use someone else’s computer and still view your documents and write documents in iWork even if they are using Windows.

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