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Using Social Media to improve SEO

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, It’s all about getting you on that front page of the search engine results. So how do you use social media to improve SEO?  Here are our tips on how to use Social Media to help you increase your SEO ranking.


Cross Link Your Blog & Social Media Platforms

Make sure you’re social networks are linked to your blog, and make your your posts go out to all the social networks you us. This increases the chance your company being found and also increases your SEO ranking. It maybe worth setting up a Google + account, Google + isn’t a great platform for user engagement, however it is a brilliant platform for search (I wonder why…)


Tweet your focus keywords & keywords in social media

Make a list of all the key phrases or words that you would like to be found for, and then put them into tweets.  Make sure that the info that you’re tweeting is still useful and related to your focus keywords, or you’ll run the risk of alienating your followers with spam. Remember this isn’t a one off thing, continue to tweet with your focus keywords, without overdoing it – it’s all about finding a balance! If you’re writing a blog post, make sure that you categorise, tag and header each blog appropriately, and that you’re using all of the available meta fields to give yourself the best possible chance of being found for your chosen words.


Use YouTube

YouTube is owned by Google, and you have to use this when it comes to helping Google to find your website and other online content. Make sure that your videos are tagged and that you include your keywords in its description.

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