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Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google Ads

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Let’s face it when looking at Ads, Google leaves Facebook & Twitter in the dust. People come to Google in search of goods and services. People come to Facebook people come to chat with friends and look at pictures of cats. But what about Twitter vs. Facebook? This is a harder comparison, in this article we’ll compare various parts of running an ad, and see which one tops each.

Ad Costs

This is interesting. Facebook ads run at a cost per impression of about £0.40. Twitter, by contrast, charge on average about £2.

Facebook Wins


Ad Performance

This is a harder comparison as Facebook releases their metrics, but Twitter plays things a little less openly. Twitter ads have a much better engagement rate, according to Ad Age. As high as 1-3%. Facebook  on the other hand has an average CTR of 0.019%. This seems pretty obvious, as Twitter has a much better company – client engagement. Facebook tries but it just doesn’t have the same level of engagement. Facebook’s hashtag system seems botched on and isn’t used much unlike Twitters.

InformationWeek have an article showing that Twitter has a better Ad return to Facebook.

Twitter Wins

Potential Reach

Facebook delivers 1.15 billion users that share about 4.75 billion items each day. Twitter, while not as large, has 232 million active users tweeting 500 million tweets a day. This makes Facebook a better choice for advertising in reach alone.

Facebook Wins

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