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Opinion – Has John Lewis lost its way?

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It’s that time of year again and Christmas is approaching, and one thing that everyone waits for every year is the John Lewis advert, these are always high budget adverts which hug on your heart strings, with loving characters and powerful music.

This year i’m left confused and a little disappointed, rather then the emotional and heart warming adverts we’ve come to love and expect we get one aimed more at humour.  Don’t get my wrong a love a funny video, my problem is I didn’t find it THAT funny either. I struggled to make a smile at best.

When you find out that this video cost 6 million as always it makes you wonder what they actually spent the money on, even the CGI didn’t seem THAT great. You can see the video below and judge for yourselves.

John Lewis pretty much had the monopoly on heart warming Christmas ads, we had a couple of companies trying to win that glory, such as the Sainsbury’s war scene ad. But typically John Lewis is always the clear winner, looking towards the comedy side they have a lot of competition, most companies go for the more upbeat and funny ads.

While we’re still pretty early into November I personally felt the T K Maxx advert to have a better comedy aspect and I bet that didn’t cost anywhere near 6 million.

While i’m sure the John Advert will be very successful with Buster the dog merch and all, but I feel they’ve certainly dropped in their ad quality this year.

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