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Get responses to your marketing in 2 easy steps

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Your customers are lying to you!

When someone says they didn’t have the time to return your call or meet you,  they were lying.

They definitely had the time! They had time to do all the important things in their life. They also had the time to do the things that interested them or caught their attention. Your request was clearly not important to them, otherwise they would have responded, you weren’t a priority to them – so it didn’t get done.

The 2 Steps to get responses to your marketing

To get your potential clients and customers to respond to you, all you need to do is follow the 2 steps below:

  1. Give them a deadline. Deadlines give a sense of urgency and focus the mind. Why do something now, when you can do it later? many other tasks likely have deadlines so they’ll naturally take priority over something without a deadline.
  2. Make your offer as attractive as possible. Look at what you’re asking people to do and make it more interesting, this will in turn make more motivating for them. The key here is to work out what your client cares about and incorporate that into your request.

Following these 2 steps will inspire your clients and you’ll find your marketplace will always have time for you.

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