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Watch The 2015 John Lewis Christmas Advert – The Man On The Moon.

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John Lewis has been warming our hearts every Christmas, with arguably the best Christmas adverts in the country, if not the world?! The John Lewis Christmas advert is greatly anticipated every year, and it is pioneering earlier and earlier christmas advertising. It’s only just turned November!


Last year John Lewis spent a whopping £7 Million on its ‘Monty The Penguin’ advertising campaign which brought tears to the nation. The year before brought us the famous ‘Bear and the Hare’ advertising campaign which had cute almost ‘Disney like’ cartoon characters also coming in at £7 million. It’s much believed that John Lewis starts working on its next Christmas advert as soon as the current one launches.

And perhaps they’re not mad to spend this amount of advertising, it’s estimated that £9.3 billion UK shoppers will be spending this year, so there is a good reason to fight for the share. Not forgetting the over price merchandise they sell relating to the advert!


Today John Lewis launched this years Christmas advert, is it better than last years?
We don’t want to spoil it, watch below:


The advert for the, eh.. advert!

This year John Lewis actually pushed out a teaser for the advert, already creating buzz around its hashtag #OnTheMoon a day before the campaign actually launched, you can see the teaser below:


The advert

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