2015 social media predictions


Less text

Images, videos and infographics will have more features on the front than short texts. Some networks already announced the priority of videos on posts and that these posts would be given more priority in terms of people reach. We feel this content is also more engaging so seems like the next logical step.

More articles and blogs

As less text is used in the social networks, more text will be used in content such as blogs and articles which will be linked in social network posts, the main engagement will be the image, infographic or video, and then a link to the blog or article with the information.

Linkedin will grow

The professional social network Linkedin will see a huge increase in signups and engagements, as some people feel that Social networking site Facebook has become very saturated and people now have grown the habit of engaging and following business corporate to acquire ideas and get into the business competition. Also LinkedIn is already full of working and successful entrepreneurs.

Growth in paid adverts

Facebook already announced that they will limit the reach of companies and other page’s posts unless they use paid adverts. This is a huge step taken by Facebook and it clearly shows that Facebook is trying to rake in the money by almost making paid advertising a compulsory process. Sadly it’s only a matter of time before the other social networks follow suit.

Social networks will become a shopping platform

Twitter and Facebook have already started experimenting with “Buy Now” buttons with some users, and are planning to implement it with all users pretty soon. Now, users will be able to make any purchase directly from the social media, even if you are on a mobile device. This gives a hint about the intervention of the social media giants into ecommerce industry. There have also been rumours that Pinterest is predicted to implement a “Buy Now” feature, although nothing is confirmed yet.

Instagram will rise

Instagram has already grown a huge amount in 2014, we believe Instagram will be the dominate platform when it comes to people actually seeing the content. In our first point we mentioned that images, infographics and videos will become far more important then text, and Instagram does these types of media better then any other.

Social mediums will become the no.1 recruitment hub

If you’re looking for a job or looking for an employee, we believe Twitter will become the first place people will go to. It’s a mass market and Twitter’s hashtags and search beat any other system for finding content like this.

Vine, Pinterest and Tumblr will stay where they are

We believe these 3 social networks won’t loose or gain any relevance in the social realm of 2015, unless they do something drastic (which we also don’t think will happen)

What’s the top social network feature what we would like to see in 2015?

In short we’d love to see Twitter apps, Facebook apps have been very popular however they seem very unintegrated and separate from the social network itself. We believe Twitter have the opportunity to do it right.


Being able to add a Twitter app from your Twitter Developer account should be as easy as attaching an image to your tweet, we believe it should also take up as many characters as an image.

Just imagine be able to have interactive infographics (or infohtmls), polls and quizzes right within a tweet, unlike twitter apps where you can share the link to the app, Twitter apps you could retweet the app itself, this would be the most ultimate social engagement.