Design / Development Team Integration


Apple products have always said to be successful because of the software/hardware integration, the teams work together and communicate to make sure everything work perfectly together.
A similar process is also important in the web development world, many agencies have a design/development team which work separately, others specialise on either development or design and actually outsource the other side, the problem is there is no communication between the two teams.

Why is team integration important?

We believe this is bad practice, so why is team integration important? It’s simple the designers know what they want to create however, they are unlikely to think of the technicalities of the designs, for example responsive web design, or features which are either impossible or unrealistic for the set budget. The development team will know what is realistic and possible with a given budget, and they will know which choices of UI could have issues when thinking of responsive web design. Having this communication produces a great design which will reduce issues in the later processes of building the website. This ensures projects don’t overrun, it ensures they don’t require extra budget, and it ensures clients are provided with what they were expecting when they were shown the designs.

Having an unintegrated could cause all kinds of problems, including poor website build quality due to cutting corners because of the project exceeding its budget.