Skeuomorphic design > Flat design > Geometric / Polygonal Design?

What next?

The past few years have had some interesting design trends. In 2010 Skeuomorphic Design became mainstream – Skeuomorphic design is where you design UI elements to look like physical objects, often including textures.
Then in 2013 there was a complete design change, textures, shadows and gloss became a thing of the past as flat design became a more popular choice for designers.

So this got us thinking what’s next?

We thought of all kinds of possible and we believe that polygonal/geometric design is the future. So what is geometric / polygonal design, we it’s all about shapes (often triangles), these then come together to create a pattern or an object. This design method is very effective and rarely used in, so we believe it’s only a matter of time before people start to utilize it.

Why polygonal design?

Anything that exceeds the limits of common standards, always grabs public attention. Polygon graphic design can be considered a singular reply to the recent tendency of perfecting design. Polygonal design doesn’t copy reality; it does however represent it in an abstract way, almost as if you’re looking at the world through shattered shard of glass.

polygonal design

What software can I use to create polygonal design?

You can essentially use any software, which you would usually design in, from illustrator to Photoshop to any major 3D software. You will be able to find a tutorial for any major design software package.


A Polygonal Design Tutorial in Photoshop

Not a designer?

If you’re looking for a creative team to do some polygonal design work, or any other design work, contact us for a quote!