Microsoft to finally ditch Internet Explorer!


Is it all about Spartan now?

Spartan, is the codename for for Microsoft’s next web browser, which we all thought would be Internet Explorer 12, is actually an entirely new Microsoft browser all together. The new browser will ship with the upcoming Windows 10 and will be available for both desktop and mobile (phone/tablet) versions of Windows 10.

According to Mary Jo Foley, Spartan is codename for a “new, light-weight browser” that will ship with Windows 10 alongside a backwards-compatible version of Internet Explorer 11.

It has been said that the name change may be a way to try to get users to realize the much more standards-compliant IE of today is very different from older, proprietary versions of IE. We look forward to see if it is as standard-compliant as Webkit and Gecko based browsers.

Video shows the Windows 10 demonstration

What do we know that will effect web developers so far?

Little is known about the new browser however it is said to include extension support, separate desktops and mobile versions. It is also said to have a similar look and feel to Firefox and Chrome

Sadly for developers it is said to still be based on Microsoft’s Chakra Javascript engine and Trident page rendering engine, rather than the widely adopted WebKit engine. Little is known what improvements have been made to the Trident engine at this stage.