OrbitCarrot Joins Bucks Business First

Intro – What is Bucks Business First?

Recently OrbitCarrot joined BBF (Bucks Business First). BBF’s mission in their own words is:


“To foster the conditions that encourage businesses to invest, grow and thrive in Buckinghamshire. We exist to make a positive difference to Buckinghamshire’s existing businesses and new start-ups.”


Yesterday our M.D Nathan took part in a ‘Simply Networking’ event in Beaconsfield ran by BBF.


So what are Simply Networking events all about?

Simply Networking events are less about generating leads (although it’s inevitable that lead generation will happen), but more about a brilliant way to talk and connect with other like-minded business people. The structure is nicely set out, you have a chance to talk to people over pastries and coffee for half an hour.

Once everyone is coffee fuelled there is an opportunity for a 30 second elevator pitch, these pitches are more of an overview of your business as apposed to details into products and services. People can then work out which people they want to talk, and after the pitch there is more time to mingle, share leaflets and business cards, and have some great conversations.

Nathan had a great time, and there are possibly some partnerships with other companies in the pipeline!

How much do Simply Networking events cost?

You’ll be pleased to know not a lot, and if you’re a BBF member (which is free to join) you can save money on it. It cost us £18 (as a member) for the event which was at the Crazy Bear (lovely venue – see below!) – but for non members it costs £20. The Wycombe events are cheaper at £15 for a member.

Photos of the event

Bucks Business First Event Image 1

Bucks Business First Event Image 2


Bucks Business First Event Image 3

Images Courtesy of Bucks Business First



Business For Bucks, Simply Networking Events are a great way to meet new people, and who knows where these connections will lead you. We highly recommend attending, we also recommend checking out their website, as they offer services far beyond networking events.