Importance of keeping WordPress updated & maintained

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Intro to keeping WordPress updated & maintained Avoid being hacked, keep WordPress updated and enjoy new features & better stability. Anyone who’s ever worked with a WordPress site will know how common it is to see the “WordPress X.X is available! Please update now.” message at the top of their dashboard. Is it really that important to keep your…

It’s time to let go of your old outdated website

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Intro Your website is the only thing reflecting your brand when people find you online. It’s highly important that your website reflects your brand, and also increases your revenue. If it is not doing that then really evaluate your website to see if it’s doing more damage than good. First you must ask yourself these…

Design / Development Team Integration

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Intro Apple products have always said to be successful because of the software/hardware integration, the teams work together and communicate to make sure everything work perfectly together. A similar process is also important in the web development world, many agencies have a design/development team which work separately, others specialise on either development or design and…


The replacement for CAPTCHA may finally be here!

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CAPTCHAs are the bane effect of the internet. Those annoying jumbled up collection of numbers and letters mismashed into one barely readable image, which requires more guess work then anything else to get right. Well, now Google wants to improve all of that with an update to reCAPTCHA, a simple one-click checkbox which says “I…