Having a non-mobile website gives your competitors the edge.

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How a non-mobile website gives my competitors the edge? In this article we’ll explain why it’s important to have a mobile friendly, and what your options are with creating one. Mobile device usage has exploded in recent years with over 60% of the web’s traffic coming from mobile devices. Smart phones are essentially glued to people’s hands,…

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Google will penalise websites which use domain names. (April fools)

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Google penalising for domain names? Today Google announced that as from May 1st 2015 websites will get penalised for using web addresses, so what are people to use instead? Google says that people should start utilising IP addresses instead – for example Google.com will be replaced with If you enter into your address…

Problems of URL shorteners for Analytics

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The Problem URL shorteners are a necessity on Twitter because of the character limit. If you’re a digital marketer and want detailed data about traffic from different social networks in your analytics, then you’re out of luck! What many social media experts & marketers don’t realize is that major issues can occur from blindly shortening URLs to share…