Having a non-mobile website gives your competitors the edge.

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How a non-mobile website gives my competitors the edge? In this article we’ll explain why it’s important to have a mobile friendly, and what your options are with creating one. Mobile device usage has exploded in recent years with over 60% of the web’s traffic coming from mobile devices. Smart phones are essentially glued to people’s hands,…


IE8 is almost extinct, should I continue to support it?

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What can we do about IE8? What do you say when a client wants to make their site IE8 compatible? Creating amazing websites, and supporting legacy websites has always been a big issue for web developers. So what are the options when working on a new website? Create a separate stylesheets tailored for IE8. This is a common trend,…

It’s time to let go of your old outdated website

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Intro Your website is the only thing reflecting your brand when people find you online. It’s highly important that your website reflects your brand, and also increases your revenue. If it is not doing that then really evaluate your website to see if it’s doing more damage than good. First you must ask yourself these…