Why choose WordPress to power your website?

Business Reasons


No Ties

Change suppliers with ease, never get locked into long contracts!



1 in 3 of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, one of the reasons is it’s super user friendly. This results in limited training saving you time and money.


User Roles

WordPress support user roles, which means you can control what kind of access a user has, if a user only needs to add and edit pages, then you can give them access to do just that!



An important thing that makes WordPress stand out from most other platforms is how scalable it is. This means it can grow with your business, with the correct plugins and site structure you can always ensure great loading times.


Data Ownership

Own and control your own data, rather than have it locked into some propriety system


No Licence Fees

WordPress is open sources so there are no licensing fees to pay
and all software updates are free and actively maintained.

Technical Reasons


Integrations Into WordPress

Because WordPress is so popular, it has a huge development community. Almost anything integrates into it, from CRM systems like HubSpot and forms with MailChimp integration to booking systems & analytical software, the list goes on!


Integrations Out of WordPress

WordPress also plays nicely with integrating outside of itself with the REST API, this means you can output content in a JSON form to integrate with other CMS’s, Apps or local Intranets.


Frameworks In WordPress

There are so many frameworks available to WordPress, making it
super flexible to make WordPress work for you and your business.


WordPress SEO

WordPress is the number one solution for WordPress, and generally WordPress websites rank higher in the search rankings. There are some really powerful plugins available which are recommended by leading SEO professionals



WordPress has am extensively peer-reviewed source code. Some of the most security conscious organisations use WordPress.


WordPress Optimised Hosting

We work with industry leading WordPress only hosting partners, offering you very secure and very fast hosting optimised specifically for the platform.

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