CTA Manager 2 – WordPress CTA Plugin









CTA Manager is the easiest way to create call to action buttons for your website.


We decided to develop this plugin after being unable to find a plugin which could do the job.
Most CTA plugins either only linked the text on the CTA or they had a button within the CTA.

We wanted ones where the whole CTA was a link, another issue was that we couldn’t find any plugins which worked both as a widget or in-content.

Using CTA Managerorbitcarrotwidget

CTA Manager can be used in two ways, one as a widget – and the other as an in-content shortcode.
We’ll firstly explain the widget and then the shortcode.





The Widget

To create a CTA as a widget go to the backend of WordPress and choose the Widgets orbitcarrotwidgetsection under
Appearance in the sidebar. Once here you should see a OrbitCarrot Call To Action widget option.


Simply drag the OrbitCarrot Call To Action widget to your sidebar of choice,
once done you will have some options

1. The title – this is the first line of text
2. The text – this is the second line of text
3. The link – this is the link you want your CTA to go to
4. The background – here you have the choice of several pre-designed styles (Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Royal Red and Royal Blue) or you can choose unstyled if you plan on styling it yourself. Once finished press save, and that’s it!





The Shortcodeorbitcarrotwidget

OrbitCarrot CTA Manager not only makes it easy to add CTA’s within content with shortcodes, it comes with an easy to use shortcode generator so you don’t have to make them yourself!

Simply choose the text for the CTA, then choose a style (these are the same as the widget options) if you have designed your own style choose none for the style and paste the link to the image into the custom background field. Lastly choose a link in which you would like the CTA to link to.

Then press the Generate CTA ShortCode button. This will generate the shortcode to the page content. Lastly choose where you want the CTA to appear and press save for it to appear on the page.



Live Preview

Below are just 6 live CTA examples of which you can create with OrbitCarrot CTA Manager within seconds!














Looking for a simple solution for creating CTAs or Buttons as a widget? Look no further and purchase CTA Manager now, it’s cheaper than a coffee at your favourite coffee place!