7 Blog Post Marketing Steps You Should Start Taking

Blog Post


1. Schedule Instead of Publishing

Just because you’ve finished your blog post, doesn’t mean you should publish it straight away. Often it’s more beneficial to schedule your blog post for a better time. Try scheduling your blog posts at 00:00, this way your blog post will be on the current date for the maximum amount of hours.

The only exception here is; if your blog post is topical at the time of writing it – you wouldn’t want to miss out on that extra traffic, this is the only case where publishing it there and then would be more beneficial.

2. Tweet away

It’s best not to use any auto-posting bots here, try to keep it as personal as possible – although we don’t use auto-posting bots we do using scheduling again, tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite will allow you to schedule your tweets for times where you get the most traffic.

3. Facebook it

When you post your blog post on your Facebook page, people have liked your blog/brand/company for a reason. So make sure you add a comment explaining the benefit of taking the time to read the post – unlike Twitter there is no character limit so make use of this.

You should share the article on both your personal profile and Facebook page, and try to do it at the same time because people who follow both are way more likely to see it. The more engagements a post has the higher up in your news feed it will become.

Remember Facebook has built in scheduling, so yet again make sure you schedule for the prime times!

4. Email it

If you have started to build up an email list, send out your blog post to all of the people who have signed up for blog updates. Simply write up and send out a quick email with a short introduction and link to the post, some email marketing services allow you to automate this process too!

If you haven’t started to build up an email list, add a subscribe form/button to your website and start building it us – it’s a free asset that you can be utilising!


5. Set Up Automatic Pinging

If you’re not familar with pinging, there are various sites and platforms (including Google and Yahoo!) that allow you to automatically notify, or “ping,” them when content is updated on your site.

If you’re using WordPress, it’s really simple to set up.

Just go to your WordPress dashboard, then go to Settings > Writing and then Update Services.

Just paste the following URLs into the text box:



















6. Always respond to comments

Getting comments is always a difficult thing to get in the beginning, so when you start getting comments – always respond to them.
This is good for 2 reasons.

1. It rewards to commenter (which means they’ll likely comment again)

2. It shows other commenters that you actually listen, which in turn encourages them to leave comments as well.


7. Link from other blogs/sites

If you have any other blogs or websites, link your blog posts from them, this adds a trackback and adds a backlink (if you have 2 high ranking blogs this will be great for SEO too), this increases traffic for both sites and improves the structure of your sites network.